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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Advanced Twitter Tips You Can Use to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Apart from search engine, social media a good source of quality traffic for some blogs.

One of popular Social media sites is Twitter.

Twitter has been a top-notch source of traffic for many while on the other hand many has not been successful with Twitter.

So why the diversity? Why do some succeed and some fail at using Twitter as a source of traffic.

One major reason is: The many who succeed make use of some advanced twitter strategies that help the drive massive traffic to their blog while the rest that are not too successful Twitter do not.

So what are these advanced strategies?

One sure thing you've got to do for me is grab a cup of coffee and read along because I will discuss at length the exact strategies I use(d) to skyrocket my traffic.

You could even get these strategies sent straight to your inbox. All you have to do is click here to join our email list (endeavour to check your inbox for a verification link after signup).

But before I drop the strategies, permit me to show you how to sign up for Twitter (for those who don't know yet).

Signing up for Twitter
This is very necessary because before you use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog you must own a Twitter handle already.

Step #1: Get a computer or a mobile phone that is able to access the internet.

Step #2: Head over to https://twitter.com, locate and click on the "sign up" button or better still move to https://twitter.com/signup

Step #3: Input your full name, phone number and password (if you'd like to substitute your phone number with your email then move to the button of the sign up page and click on "use email instead").

Step #4: Click "Sign up for Twitter."

Step #5: Select a username

Step #6: Click "create my account".

Now you are through with the sign up (for those who really needed it) let's move over to Twitter practices and tips that will help you skyrocket your traffic.

Remember that the first thing to do after signing up for Twitter is to  get followers for yourself because without followers, these tips won't work.

But getting followe/a> seem (or really is) daunting and this has made many to quit after a long wait.

I only have a staggering half a thousand followers (because it's not been long I started) yet it converts into sales, revenues and most importantly, traffic because they're targeted followers.

So when you are looking for followers, only go for those that are  in the same niche with you so that your followers can convert.

Advanced Twitter Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Traffic

The following tips has really been helpful when it comes to using to Twitter to boost my traffic.

Polished Profile

You really need to polish your profile to enable you welcome followers. You only have 140 characters to write in your bio section and it is more than enough to explain what you (or your blog) represent especially when used wisely.

Note: Twitter now allows you to write 280 characters.

Remember to use a very good and bright profile picture with your eyes looking straight into the lens of the camera. And if its your blog's twitter handle, you may want to use your blog logo as the profile picture.

Follow First

It works like magic when you take the initiative when it comes to following. You should be the one to follow others first and only then can they learn of you and eventually return the favour.

Follow Back

Following back your followers doesn't seem to make sense to you right? Well it does make a lot of sense. It works when it comes to retaining your followers because most people will follow just to get followed by you and when you don't return that favour, they unfollow.

Embed Twitter Buttons on Your Blog

Most people would want to reach out to you after reading your awesome post and the shortcut to getting in touch with you is via the social buttons on your blog. This way you get more followers who will also read your future blog post through a Twitter notification.

Embed Twitter Share Button

This works like the former. Loyal readers who loved your blog post would actually want to recommend it to their followers on  Twitter. Having a Twitter share button on your blog would make it pretty easy for them to share and that which will give you exposure, more followers and more traffic.

Tweet And Retweet

When a blog post interests you, tweet that post! The blogger would understand that you are interested in what he and his blog has to offer and he'd likely want to return the favour. Retweeting  tweets would also present such golden opportunity.

Ask For Tweets And Retweets

Never underrate the power of asking. But don't make it so obvious that you are asking for a tweet or a retweet. What I do is that I ask blog post readers to share with friends and it's been working for me.

You can use hastags like: "#RT, #rt, #Retweet" when tweeting to let them know that you need a retweet.

Participate in Twitter Chats

Participating in Twitter chats can also go a long way in bringing you followers and traffic. While participating, endeavour to be a donor and not a recipient.

You should make contributions, offers helps and solutions, act like you are an expert in your field (even if you're not).

My Little Story
ShoutMeLoud recently started a Twitter chat which holds every Saturday by 7PM IST and on every Saturday I participate in the chat, I get not less than 10 followers because the way I answer questions and offer help makes it seem as if I am an expert. (But am I?)

Make Use of Pictures

Making us of pictures has lots of benefits. With pictures you can bypass Twitter's 140 characters policy (now 280 characters).

With pictures your tweets tends to convert more. Pictures say more than a million words so using pictures would let you say more than 140 characters (now 280 characters) that would even bring you more traffic.

Tweet Regularly

Your followers didn't follow you just to enlarge the number of those they are following. They followed you to know what you can offer. So when you offer nothing, they unfollow you. Make sure you tweet at least once everyday to keep you very active.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags like keywords are really awesome. Twitter users would always search for hashtags just as Google users would search for keywords. So make sure you use hashtags relevant to your tweet because it will get you visibility from Twitter's search engine.

Never Tweet at Odd Times

If you tweet at night, by morning lots of tweets would have been published thus sending your tweet to the bottom. Tweet when your followers are active.

Note the country you target and also note their timezone to help you determine whether they are seeing your tweet at night or in the morning.

Use Twitter Analytics

This is my favorite Twitter tool and I highly recommend it to you.

Twitter analytics would help you know the kind of people that follow you, their interests, their gender, etc. This will help you know your tweets that will convert more.

It will also help you know what kind of tweets to post.

 Assuming your followers are more interested in parenting and are females then you should be tweeting about how to be a good  mom, how a stay at home mom can make money, etc.

Twitter Analytics will also show you the tweets that got more reaches and engagements, and the kind of CTA's you used for them. This will enable you know the tweeting strategy to scrap, the ones to improve on, and the ones to keep doing.

If you are still a Twitter newbie, I really suggest you try this tool because you're going to love it. You can access Twitter Analytics from here


What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Twitter has worked for a lot of people when it comes to skyrocketing their blog traffic and it can also work for you.

Don't be a lazy blogger. Work hard and work smartly.

Prosper Noah said that a smart blogger is one who reads and acts on what he read.

Do make sure you put into practice what you read today and you will see yourself being able to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter.

Do you have any misconception? Did you not understand this post? How have you been able to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog?

Use the comment box below to express your thoughts.

Do not forget to share with friends on social media.

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