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Monday, 18 December 2017

How to Make Money Writing Instagram Sponsored Posts [Easiest Method]

Back in 2010 when Instagram started, it had about a million registered users of which some of them were not active.

By October 31, 2011 it had some 12 million registered users of which some are also inactive.

And back then, Instagram was just a social photo-sharing platform that opened it shutters to iPhone users.

But today, Instagram has undergone a tremendous growth in all aspect.

By September, 2017 it had some 800 million monthly and 500 million daily active users according to TechCrunch.

Instagram is no longer that photo-sharing platform it used to be.

Make Money Writing Instagram Sponsored Posts

Instagram Sponsored Posts

You can now make lots and lots of money with Instagram especially while doing Instagram sponsored post which I am going to teach you today.

You will learn how to make money by sponsoring brands on Instagram even with a few thousand followers

 The Kardashians' are being paid up to ten figures by brands just to sponsor a post.

Yes! Influencers that have great amount of followers don't need to go looking for brands to work with because brands will contact them themselves.

 But what about those who are not able to get even 5,000 followers?

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They too can make money doing Instagram sponsored post. But this time they will be the ones to go out looking for brands to work with and not the other way round.

How To Find Brands To Work With

Finding brands to work with can be as easy as reaching out to them directly using the contact forms on their websites or going to  their physical office.

Very easy!!

But there are some platforms that can link you up with brands to work with.

These platforms are called influencers market-places and they can really help you meet up with brands who will work with you no matter your audience size (number of followers).

Who Is An Influencer?
What makes an influencer is not the size if his followers but how willing the little followers he has are to do whatever he asks them to do.

Let's say I have 100,000 followers and I promote a product about weight loss to my followers an at the end, only 1,000 gets to purchase the product. I am not an influencer.

 But let's say I have 5,000 followers and I promote that same product to my followers and 3,500 people gets to buy it. Hell Yes! I am an influencer.

 Know you see that you can become an influencer even with less followers and still make money sponsoring brands on Instagram and I am going to show you some listing sites that can help you increase your chances of getting a brand to work with.

List Of Listing Sites

: Fohr Card is meant to bring two groups of people together and you already know who and who - brands and influencers.

When you register you have to connect your social platform profiles to form an influencers card which will bear your different profiles.

 You can also access list of brands and their wants and that way you can reach out to the brand or they reach out to you.

GrapeVine: It is actually meant for influencers who have 5000 or more Instagram followers.

 You will list yourself in the marketplace and wait for brands who needs you to contact you.

ShoutCart: You list yourself in the marketplace with the number of followers you have and how much you charge then wait for brands to come to you.

There are many other listing sites on the net but these three are the most trusted and mist reliable (at least for me).

 How to Know How to Charge Brands

One problem we often face is not knowing the value to place on services we render.

When you don't know how much to charge you might end up getting the job but charging lower than you should or loosing the job because you gave a high price.

Most times Instagram sponsored posts are not limited to posts alone but can include videos, and most times you are the one to create the video.

Most Instagram sponsored posts are just single posts and most times it may involve working with brands for a longer period of time.

Whichever your case, always know your ability.

Charge according to your ability.

You are not just sponsoring a post but also you're a kind of giving the brands access to your followers and if you know the price worth it, charge them that price.

Do not take your price too high and neither should you take it too low.

Keep it within the range of $100 - $500 depending on your audience size and loyalty.

And there is no harm in asking other influencers how much they charge.

Optimizing Your Instagram Sponsored Post

Most times you promote a product and you generate less sales although you have a large audience.

Your problem is that you don't optimize your posts.

I have a solution I call "THE" which can actually help you optimize your Instagram post if you are sponsoring a brand.

THE simply stands for: Transparent, Hashtag, Easy.

Be Transparent
Do not try to deceive your followers. Let them know you are paid to promote a product or a brand. When sponsoring a post always let them know that the post is sponsored. Doing so increases sales by 65%.

Use Hashtags

If you read my previous post about advanced Twitter tips, you will find out that hashtags are really important.

Hashtags are used in grouping and categorizing ideas, posts and conversations.

All you have to do is include the appropriate hashtags in your posts and even those who are not in your followers list might even get to see the post when they make a search on Instagram.

Make Purchasing Easy
Adding shoppable links to your Instagram bio can also be of great help. You can use an Instagram selling tool like have2have.it

You can also do the following

  • Post at appropriate times.
  • Apply right filters.
  • Promote your post on other social platforms.

By following the instructions above, you can really add value to what a brand you in exchange for sales.

You have to upgrade your knowledge on what you take Instagram for.

 Instagram is no longer that photo-sharing platform that it used to be. You can actually make money on Instagram writing sponsored posts and promoting brands.

 Just reach out to the brands and offer to promote them.

Use listing sites to get noticed and make sure you give brands what they need by optimizing Instagram posts to drive sales because that makes you an influencer.

 Have you stepped up on your view of Instagram? Does Instagram generate money for you? Have you ever heard of Instagram sponsored post?

Use the comment box below to tell me about it. Do not fail to let your friends about it using the share buttons below.


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