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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Important Things To Note When Buying A Used Smartphone To Avoid Being Scammed

When buying a used device, there are lot of things you need to check in other for you now to get what you don't like or getting scammed.

A lot of people have been scammed while trying to get a used smartphone, some even get the device but they will get the fake version of the device they paid for. Buying a used device is good because it is always cheaper than the original version of the device, but you have to be careful when getting on.

People buy used smartphone because of lots of reasons, the main reason is because of the price, they come cheaper than the new device.

So in this blog post, I will be teaching you what to do and important things to checkout when getting a used smartphone or device, so let get started.

  1. Do thorough and complete checking of what you are buying: You need to check the in and out of the device you are getting to make sure what you re getting is in the best condition. Check if it has scratches or you notice a fault about what you are buying, there might be some problem with the device you are getting that the seller don't want you to know so he can sell if on time so that why it  is advisable for you to check it very well. If you don't know how to check a smartphone before buying one, you can go with someone who knows much about them just to avoid you been scammed                   
  2. Know where or the person you are buying from: When buying a device that is not new, you need to be sure and also trust the person you are buying from, if you are buying from someone, make sire you know how you can easily contact or get the person if what you got isn't working well. Also buy from a company with high and good reputation like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jumia, konga, Jiji. When you buy from a trusted company, there is a higher probability that you will be a used device in good and cool condition. It not advisable to buy anything from someone you don't know his whereabouts that you met on social media, a lot of people advertise both new and used smartphone on Facebook and Instagram but they are mostly scams and they might to even have the gadgets they are advertising or if they have it, it will be in a very bad condition. Note all of the social media sellers are scam but most of them ain't legit so it is advisable not to buy anything from who you met online.                   
  3. Check if you are getting a warranty : If you get a used gadget, you might likely get a warranty but some people don't give warranties so it isn't advisable you get from those without warranties. Some people offer as much as 1-2 years warranty while some give as low as 2-3 months warranty because they are sure of  their products. It is better you get from legit people and companies that have warranties because if your smartphone get faulty all the expenses will be paid for by the seller is the phone got spoilt during that period, the warranty covers the cost.                                                     
  4. Check the battery capacity: After some phones have been used for a while, the battery durability reduces so it might affect the buyer of the phone. When buying a used smartphone, one of the main things you should checkout is the battery capacity because some people might want to sell a smartphone with bad battery. When buying online, make inquiries about the battery of the phone. Do not expect a very good battery capacity from a used device but you can also get a manageable one. You can still get something good from online stores like Amazon, eBay, Jiji, Jumia, konga, etc. So I advice to do thorough checking of the smartphone battery capacity that you are getting.                                                                    
  5. Check the specifications: You need to check all the specifications of a used device which you want to get so you can be sure you are getting what you want, check stuffs like the Processor, RAM, inner memory, ROM, battery capacity, Camera, all ports, also check if all the ports holes are working perfectly. The processor, RAM you want might be lower than what you want so you need to check it well.  You also need to check the hardware, like the general phone body if its in good shape and condition.         
  6. Do not buy fake or clone phones: Flagships like iPhone, Samsung have lots of clones so do not go near to them because they are never good as the good phone, they also lie about the specs, they are never accurate. Fake phones look like the real phone but you need to know a lot about smartphone to be able to know them, but once you know a smartphone is the clone or the fake version of what you want, do not go close to buying it even if it cheaper.                                 
  7. Carryout the deal get a receipt: After you already know and tested what you are buying, you have to conclude on the price for the device, you can ask for a discount from the seller and if you are lucky, you can get a discount from the seller. Also make sure you get a receipt from the seller so when you have some problems like someone also claiming to our the phone you can bring out the receipt to clear yourself. Ask and make enquiries about where the phone was gotten so you won't buy a stolen phone before doi g so can get you into problems even if you get a receipt from the seller. 

So all the seven tips are to help you out when getting a used smartphone or device, they are to guide you and walk you through purchasing second hand gadgets, take your time to read and understand them.

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