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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Make money with social media : See 7 ways to get started for free

The Social media has grow to become a really large community with over billions of accounts register on different social media like:
  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. WhatsApp
  5. Google plus ; and many more
Most people think social media is for chatting, connecting with new people or watching videos and checking new pictures but they have no idea that it is a money making machine

Social media has been around for a long time now and there are lot of people that make millions of dollars through their social media accounts why some don't even get a penny from their accounts, that why I am writing this post so you can know his everything works and how to get started.

Let use Instagram celebrities like Kylie Jennie, the rock and others for example, the get paid up to $750,000 - $1,000,000 per Instagram sponsored post and it could be even increase the more their followers increase


  1. Affiliate marketing: It is the process of promoting someone else product on you social media account. It is really easy to do if you have a targeted audience following you. For example, you post often about things related to food so people are already following you because of the food stuffs you post, then you have a targeted audience based on food so when you promote a product related to food, people might likely buy through you hereby making a you get a little commission as low as 5-10% of the product  price or high as 80% of the product price.  To get started, you register on an affiliate network like Amazon, clickbank or shareasale then you need to find a product in your niche, when you get the product, the promotion starts and that where you social media account come in, you talk about the product and also look for a way to convince people to buy the product and when doing that, make sure that there should be a way that you make people interested in buying the product buy it through you, you can offer them a discount link which you got form the product company or you put you affiliate link in the product description so you can get the maximum sales. Also tell your audience or followers that you do not own the product you are promoting, also let them know you will get a commission if they buy through your link because some people don't like clicking links they know nothing about.         
  2. Promote your digital product: You can create your own digital product like PDF, ebooks, audio, videos, and other forms of digital products on your social media accounts. We have seen people promote their ebooks on Facebook, Instagram or twitter. They are nice place for promoting digital products because they let almost all you audience know you new product with ain't physical but digital so they don't need an hard copy. When you create a short tutorial inform of an audio file or video file, your social media account is one of the best place to promote your new product. You can put your product on gumroad, sellfy or Amazon to sell your product, they also take their own cut off the product price which is not always much.                                                      
  3. Sell and promote your physical products: Celebrities like Kim kardasian sell their products Like make up kits, clothes and many more through the help of the their social media accounts, some all sell things like gadgets, books, shoes etc online. To get started, you link you social media account to were you products are like amazon, eBay, jumia, Konga, aliexpress or alibaba, they all work fine and products will be in their wear house so when someone needs or orders for your product, they get it through the online store you kept you product and they will get a little if your product price which is not really much.                                     
  4. Help companies manage their social media accounts: A lot of companies in your area need people who can help them manage their social media accounts. You can search for companies that need social media managers online and when you fine one, you discuss the salary with them and when all terms are agreed on, you sign a deal with them and you help them do all their social media accounts posting, reading messages and also replying them, opening mails and many more.                                        
  5. Writing and sharing of jokes and meme: People really love funny stuffs so when they notice you post funny things they follow you and you can monetize that. You can type short and funny comedies on twitter and share meme of Instagram, the more often you post, the more you chances of being popular increases.                                      
  6. Sponsored post and paid advertisements: Celebrities like Kim Kadasian West, Neymar Jr, Drake, Ariana Grande and other very popular and influential internet celebrities get paid up to 1 million dollars for sponsored post and paid advertisements, that can even increase at times, it depends on how influential the person is. You can get up to $5,000 if you have between 100,000 - 1,000,000 followers on social media accounts. Your first sponsored post might be as low as $50 but with time, the more you grow your followers, the price for sponsored post increases.                                                                 
Linking your social media accounts to your YouTube channel: I once made a post about how you can make money off YouTube channel on this blog, the more views you get on your YouTube videos is the more money you make so social media accounts posting can help you get much views. We all know music videos like Despacito, I am the one and couple of others that have over billion views on YouTube and the major way they achieved that is through social media promotion. When you are promoting your video, you have to be very careful because you can get banned from posting by bots, when they notice you post too much, they can strick you and you will be the one to lose so you have to be careful. 

The seven methods are just few of the way to make money from your social media account, it not all about chatting, you can turn you accounts to many making machine. 

Thanks for reading this post, please comment what you think about this article and which of the method you have tried, the one that worked for you and the one that didn't. Also share with your friends, some might need it.


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