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Friday, 1 March 2019

YouTube Vs Blogging, Which One Is The Best And Easiest

Blogging is the act or process of sharing contents on your blog

Vlogging is the act of recording videos and sharing them on YouTube or other videos sharing sites.

In blogging, you can start you blog and you share articles like product reviews, tips and tricks and many others. For YouTube, you can record a video showing how to do something, or a produce review. The main aim of a blog or a YouTube channel is to slove the problems of the viewers and then make money.

Getting started with blogging 

You need to make little investment when starting a blog. You will need to get a domain name, that the name of your blog.

Next is the hosting, that where you blog will be hosted on. We have different hosting companies but some of the best among them are blue host, name cheap, 1and1, domain king, namesilo and many others. You can search for more and choose the one you prefer

You also need to get a theme, that how you blog will look like, it Is advisable to buy a theme than to use a nulled one, nulled themes sometimes contain virus and they also give space for hackers to penetrate into your blog. You also purchase plugins, they make everything you do easier and some help you do what you configure them to do and it also give you more power to tweak your blog more.

Getting started on YouTube

You don't really need anything to get started on YouTube, just your phone or laptop. YouTube allows it users to create free channels to share their videos one, you can record your YouTube videos into 720p, 1080p or 4k mode, and most smart phones can do so, so you don't really need an expensive gadget to get started.

You can also screen record your videos on your smartphone or laptop if you do gaming related videos or tips and tutorials video.

But you  need to have lot of data and also good and steady internet connection because YouTube consumes data a lot.

To get started on YouTube, you need have a smartphone with good camera and also capable of video recording. The next thing you need is getting a tripod, no one likes shaky or non stable video so you need to get a tripod so you can attach you phone to it during video recording. You also need a mic, you can get a very good mic for $20, it also has a very good sound quality. You can create your channel for free on the YouTube website or their app.

Skills required for Blogging

You need to have a good knowledge and understanding of English so you message can be conveyed well. You also need to know how to write very well, you also need basic understanding of SEO

Vlogging skills required

You have to have basic knowledge of video editing skill, you also need to know how to Speak English and also you must not be frightened or scared in front of the camera.


  1. Affiliate marketing : It is the process of a promoting a product on your blog in other to get a commission when you have a successful sale. You can promote other peoples product on your blog so you can get a particular percent of the product when you help the seller get a buyer. You can make slot from affiliate marketing, it depends on how serious you are with it and how much you promote the product. When looking for a product to promote, check for one in your niche or a product related to what you talk about on your blog. 
  2. Sponsored post: When your blog already have a nice and  targeted audience, you begin to get people who will want to have their post on your blog for a price. Some might come to you if your blog is very visible and popular but if you are still growing, you can send mails to companies telling them about your blog and how you can help them promote their product and business. Sponsored posts can go as low as $10-20 and as much as $1000, it depends on how big your blog is and how many audience you have, your social media account is also put into consideration at times.
  3. Google AdSense: It is the most easiest way bloggers use in making money, you apply for AdSense and when you get approved, you get a code which you put on your blog and when  the code starts showing, when you get a click on your ads, you get 70% of the amount the advertiser paid Google. Google AdSense is really good to use and they also have a low payout of $100 but the problem us that they are becoming very strict nowadays but that doesn't stop them from being the best. 
  1. Google AdSense: When your channel reaches 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you can apply for google AdSense and when you get approved you make money per ad viewed but they pay an average of $1 for 1000 views and the payout is $100 so it means you have to get over 100,000 views to reach the payout threshold. You can apply for an account on google.com/AdSense
  2. Sponsored videos : You can help a company that is in your niche sponsor their video on you channel since you have much subscribers like over  30000 subscribers. The more you grow, the more sponsored videos you get and the more money you make. You can get as much as $100 per sponsored video and you can also get the product in the video you are sponsoring for free

Blogging and YouTube are both good but you need to know the one which works well for you, the both pays well. One might be harder than one but they both deserve a trial. You can also try doing both together but it is not easy at all.

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