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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Want to run iOS apps on Android? This is the best way to do it

Most iOS device are very expensive but iOS  is one of the best smartphone processor out there so a lot of people including me love their operating system. For one reason or the other, you might want to run iOS apps on your Android device which is not possible be it can be done using iOS emulators for Android.

iOS apps are very cool and nice to use but not everyone can purchase and iPhone so using their apps on android is the best thing to do, it might be as smooth or 100% as the real version of the app but if will look 90% the same and perform all it expected functions.

Some iOS apps like their music players, video players, camera, gallery are needed on android so you can just emulate them easily.

We have many iOS emulators for Android out the but they are all fake, most of the don't work.

In this post, I will show you 4 apps and one extra surprise that  will help you power iOS apps on you Android devices.

It is no way black hat to use iOS app on android so feel free to use them.

What is an iOS emulators for Android?They are apps which allows you to use apps specially designed or produced for iOS smartphone on your Android device smoothly without creating bugs or hanging.

What you should know before using iOS emulators for Android
1. They are all free of charge, no extra cost from the emulators manufacturer

2. iOS emulators for Android let you use any iOS app you feel like using on your Android device without extra charges

3. If you are a blogger, blogger or youtuber, you can write on iOS apps and how they work testing them with your Android device through the help of iOS emulators for Android

4. Most iOS apps are compatible with Android when an emulator is used to power them

5. iOS emulators for Android does not need you device to be rooted, it works for both rooted or un-rooted devices


1. iEMU: This is the best emulator, it was mainly created by developers for testing apps, it was also used for publishing reviews about iOS apps without the need of an iPhone or an iOS device. This apps take just little space one your phone and when installed, it does not have any negative effect on your device like slowing down your device speed, or making it hang.

How to download iEMU

Click this link to download the app

Navigate to your settings and tick allow download from external sources

Install the app

How to use the app
After installing the app successfully, it won't take more than 65mb of your space, make sure you have a t least 512 mb RAM

You will see an Application Named As “Padiod” In your App Drawer. (Padiod is another name for iEMU)
Launch Padiod App On your Android Device And You Will Be Able To Use iOS Apps On Your Android.
The File Extension Supported By Padiod Emulator Are “ipa” and “zip” Files.



Cider also known as Cyada is an iOS emulator for Android devices which was designed by the students of computer science department of a Colombian university so since when it was created, it has been a popular iOS emulator for Android

This app is similar to iEMU because they work same way. It is totally free to use and it has no special charges

With this app, you can easily access your favorite iOS apps on your Android device for free.

It does not work on all device so you have to test if it will work on your smartphone, it takes a very small space on your smartphone less than 10 mb.

How to download and install Cider

Download it through this Link

Go to your settings and enable installation from unknown source

install the app then launch it

Launch this emulator and use all the iOS apps you have on your android device smoothly

3. All in one iOS emulator
This is another cool emulator, it is not as good as the two listed up there, It Is Developed By Recognised Member Of
XDA Developers Gaziaggelos Back In 2012. 

It has some limitations, it can only work up to iOS 6 so apps that does not work for iOS 6 will not work on android if it is emulated through this emulator.

It also has some nice features, you can see some below:

iOS official camera
Music app
iOS videos player
Sound recorded; and many more

4. Appetize iOS Emulator

This is a web Based emulator, it let you run your desired iOS apps on android through your browsers tab. It allow you to use iOS apps on the internet, it works with HTML 5 and JavaScript. It is mostly used for testing apps. 


The bonus I said I have for you earlier might be familiar to some of you before but am sure it not to everyone, that why and sharing this method.

This method is like the easiest, all you need to do is to look for the clone version of the iOS app which which you need. Programmers create clone version of most iOS app that will be available for Android and windows devices sometimes. The iOS app which you are looking for the clone version should be a popular one and you should also check for the malware free ones to avoid virus or better still you use an antivirus while installing the clone version on your Android device


iOS emulators for Android works fine if the right one is used, be careful when choosing the one to use because some will make your device slow or hang, before you use any iOS app on your smartphone, make sure an antivirus is installed on your device to avoid stories that touch

Most of the apps there are easy to use so if you find any of the app up there difficult to use or you need an answer to your question, you can use the comment box

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