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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Best technology inventions of all time that has changed the world

A lot of gadgets has been invented with the help and discovery of technology. Over the past Years, technology has evolved and grown to a whole new level and it has really helped the whole world.

Not everything that was invented with the help of technology has helped humanity, some has done more harm than good and that's really bad, the good part of technology is that most of technology inventions has done more good than harm so that cool

So in this article, I will tell the best technology invention that has changed the world. So grab your cup of coffee and let get started.

  1. Computers: This is one of the best technology invention of all time because it has helped a lot of people archive and complete their task. Computers has gone through a lot of the changes and with the arrival of smartphone, the use of computers has really decreased, but it is still one of the best inventions of all time, and when you find out what you can do with your computer, you will be really surprised and you might even want to dump your phone. Computers took gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies and storing data, and also processing it into information to a whole new level.
  2. Aircrafts: Does it not sound interesting traveling out of your continent to a new country and getting there is less than 7-10 hours? Aircrafts has been really great and excellent. A lot of try and fail happened before it could be made, it is also the fastest means of transportation. I once travelled from a state to another one for 7 hours through a bus and less than 45 minutes on an airplane. Lot of people are really scared of planes because it safety is not 100% , its between 85 - 95% safety and a crash can only occur in like one of 10,000 flights so airplanes are safe to enter, so than why is one of the best technology invention of all time.
  3. Cars and Bikes: Planes are the kings of the air and cars are the boss of the land, cars are growing into some thing else, from small companies like KIA to Giants like Bugatti. Trucks are also under cars and they do great jobs, interior of some trucks looks like a million dollar house, some can be used to pack the entire load and properties in a house at once. Cars has grown from casualties to super cars and luxury cars and we also have hyper cars. The likes of Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz are all hyper cars and they are so fast that they sometimes contest and drag speed with some Aircrafts.
  4. Smartphone: Java was like the first operating system most mobile phones used before the arrival of Microsoft OS, Android, iOS operating system, the problem with java is that they have limited features compared to new operating systems. Some smartphone will even make you wanna dump your computer or laptop because you can literally do everything on your phone and with new gadgets like the iPhone, the Samsung galaxies and notes, everything seems very easy. Gone are the days where most phones have only or maximum of 2gb ram but now there are phones of up to 12gb ram and that is more than lot of laptop and computers ram. Tablets and iPads are also invented after the success of the smartphone. The iPad below to apple while tablets below to other companies aside from Apple, like Samsung, huawei, xiaomi and other top smartphone production companies. We also have foldable phones now,  that is not really in circulation but Samsung galaxy fold is out now so other companies will also follow the footstep of Samsung.
  5. Google: Google is the most popular search engine in the world and it is also the most visited web page in the world. It is the largest search engine. More than 90% of the world population know what google is, it has like 90% of what you need to know, if you need to know something and you have an internet connection, you can quickly go to google.com and you just put in the keyword you are looking for and Google will bring suggestions and sometimes, like what they bring to you is 100% correct. They are also a parent company to companies like the google echo, google chrome, that their official browser and one of most secured browsers in the world, they Also own a smartphone production company called Google pixel. 
  6. Social media: Since the arrival of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, connecting with people million miles away from you is now very easy. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have over 5 billion users all together. With Twitter, you can see tweets of your friends and family or your favorite celebrities. Instagram is mainly for sharing photos and also short videos to your followers. Facebook is used for Sharing post, videos, pictures and also chatting with your friends and family. You can also connect with new people on Facebook. Social media had turned into a billion dollar industry. A lot of social media influencers have made millions of dollars with their accounts. 
  7. AI and robots: AI means artificial intelligence and they have made things human beings can do every easy. They are programmed and they have a very powerful algorithm behind them. For robots, they have also made things very easy. Some robots can lifts things weighing up to 1 ton, 500 kg and it will look very simple. All you need to do is to just instruct them on what to do and you watch them work. Robots made factory work very easy and it also cost less because without robots, companies would employ lot of people to work for them and that will cost them lot of of money
  8. Electricity: They say and I quote "the best always come last"  Without electricity, all we mentioned above might not be possible, electricity gives light and power to all technological creations and inventions. Since the invention of electricity, a lot of innovations has followed, electricity is like the power that gives energy to most of the gadgets. Electricity is required to power some or to charge them, electricity is also used to charge batteries.
The 8 technology inventions are just few of hundreds of innovations that has changed the world. This article is like part 1, the second part will be posted later once and done writing it.

Share you ideas in the comment box and also share this post to your friends, they might need it.

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