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Each passing month, many bloggers and blogs surface in the blogosphere with no one to help them distinguish their left from their right in blogging.

Ourtechblog is here for such ones. We are here to help without charge. Going by the name, a Joint is a place where two or more things or persons meet.

So ourtechblog is a blog where all blogger are meant to come to for all blogging tips, SEO resources, and all things which encircles blogging.

The tutorials outlined on ourtechblog are broken into steps to carry everybody along. So even if you just started an hour ago, you can still benefit from the tutorials.

And our tutorials are not based on the old and outdated blogging ideas. We run our own researches and give you the best. So newbie or Veteran, you need ourtechblog to help you keep going on your blogging career.

Our Mission

We are here to make sure that no blogger is slacking back on the profession he or she has taken.
We are here to help you turn your blogging passion into money and get the best out of it.
We are here to make you an expert blogger you have always wanted to be.

Our Vision

Very soon, the blogoshere would be very crowded with lots of competition. We are looking forward  to seeing when everyone can learn to stand out of the crowd with what they learned from ourtechblog.